2023 : What a Year

2023 : What a Year


GOAL : Expected result (assumes linear progress)
ALL : Average achievement (all objectives)


  • Infrastructure upgrades and standardization
  • Continue to increase portion of resources spend on company's primary mission
  • Proprietary QTD trading platform (beta) reaches 99% uptime KPI
  • Play-side technology is now a first class citizen


2023 was an important year. As a company that began it's life building hundreds and then thousands of custom trading applications, before migrating to products and now services, our technology platform has always been a heterogenous mix of solutions that had done a good job. However this year we elected to standardize our technology stack and deployment pipelines to a greater degree than we have previously.

We believe this will create opportunities such as:

  • Easier developer movement between projects and products
  • Building of better services through repeated learnings on same infrastructure
  • Aligning our software support schedules to more closely coincide with Microsoft's LTS support schedules for .NET
  • Reduction of some support costs
  • More time for improvements and innovations

Our company objectives for 2023 struck a balance between these more predictable infrastructure goals against with a larger than ever number of objectives directly aligned with the company's primary mission. This resulted in an increase in our average objective GAP from previous years.

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