Finding the correct IB symbol

Finding the correct IB symbol

Finding the correct IB symbol

lots of people have trouble with IB symbol definitions because it’s a bit tricky.

the IB tws setup guide is your best bet :



  • lookup the contract in tws quote window first to make sure you know how to find it
  • then right click on the quote and choose contract info > details
  • you can also search the ib contract database for symbols
  • on the details page, the contract id seems to be one of the most important in general
  • multiplier, exchange and currency are also important
  • in general you can copy an existing Overrides entry and modify it
  • the first line of the overrides file can be whatever symbol you want
  • use quotopia design in glean live signals view to test your symbol
  • once you are working, please post your symbol override line here so other people can benefit from your work

if you have questions let us know.