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12 Months of Progress

In the past year, PRACPLAY made significant strides:   Average Up-time over 99.9% North-Star Metrics Improved 1,000% y/y Processed 3600 issues and 1500 commits 16 open-source commits 😉   g5 Version 5.3 released Over 100 improvements ‘gbox’ g5 add-on for intern/training program Can offer g5-as-a-service to select firms via REST Held average key result attainment at…
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Pracplay 2018 Checkpoint : More g5 platforms; Mission Meets Process

Pracplay 2018 Checkpoint Achievements 99.99% uptime 100+ g5 improvements 5 additional brokerages; 1 new trading platform 10,000+ new quality and operating metrics Additional North Star measures for Take Fun and Make Value. Summary In the 8-year history of Pracplay the company, 2018 is the most productive year ever, with over 2,000 improvements continuously deployed and…
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