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Glean Release Channels Explained

Glean Release Channels Explained Glean release channels : Featured — most tested, least updated, recommended for new users. EDGE — stable with regular updates, recommended for most users. To choose a specific release or see change notes, click the desired channel.

Glean4 User? Copy Your Design Key

Glean4 User? Copy Your Design Key If you’re trading on your firm’s computer, this is especially important. If you were not already aware, Pracplay has no ability to see inside your strategies. We give every machine you install Glean on a unique private design key. This key prevents third parties from seeing your strategies even if…
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Notice : Inactive Glean Users

Notice : Inactive Glean Users In June of 2015, we e-mailed all Glean users informing them of our new policy of removing designs of Glean users inactive for 3 months or more. This policy does not apply to active Glean clients who can safely ignore this notice. To summarize, here is why we we have begun this…
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Economics Joke — “Two Cows”

Economics Joke — “Two Cows” (via: The world economy explained with just two cows. You’ve got to love the definition of the Irish economy!) Author: Kristy (original author: unknown) Originally published at

IQFeed CME Feed Change Notice Q3 2015

IQFeed CME Feed Change Notice Q3 2015 This will only affect IQFeed Users. When using Glean or Glean designs with IQFeed, the main change here will be that prints from the same CME venue (eg CBOT, or NYMEX) will now be consolidated by the CME into a single trade if they occur at the same time.…
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