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2021 Checkpoint

  g5 Version 5.4 released g5-as-a-service 99.91% uptime +69% y/y improvement in yearly company objectives +17% y/y improvement in all attempted objectives -46% y/y reduction in average continuous performance of quarterly objectives (=GAP) Thousands of commits 25 open-source commits 😉  

12 Months of Progress

In the past year, PRACPLAY made significant strides:   Average Up-time over 99.9% North-Star Metrics Improved 1,000% y/y Processed 3600 issues and 1500 commits 16 open-source commits 😉   g5 Version 5.3 released Over 100 improvements ‘gbox’ g5 add-on for intern/training program Can offer g5-as-a-service to select firms via REST Held average key result attainment at…
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Pracplay 2018 Checkpoint : More g5 platforms; Mission Meets Process

Pracplay 2018 Checkpoint Achievements 99.99% uptime 100+ g5 improvements 5 additional brokerages; 1 new trading platform 10,000+ new quality and operating metrics Additional North Star measures for Take Fun and Make Value. Summary In the 8-year history of Pracplay the company, 2018 is the most productive year ever, with over 2,000 improvements continuously deployed and…
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User Data and Privacy — 2018

User Data and Privacy — 2018 Pracplay has never collected more personal information than was necessary to provide a product or service. Here is a summary of Pracplay’s publicly-relevant offerings and their data and privacy impacts. Free Services At present Pracplay has no free service offerings. In the past we have offered a variety of free services,…
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Change Is In The Air (and In Our Bones)

Change Is In The Air (and In Our Bones) Thanks to all our clients, partners and Pracplayers who made 2017 possible. 2017 Wins: Announced in 2016, Glean4 successfully sunset and clients transitioned. G5.1 is released, incorporating a thousand improvements and fixes. Upgraded QA-assurance to allow continuous deployment of Pracplay apps. Ported all our apps to Mono…
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