Thoughts on Open Source

Thoughts on Open Source Note : is now dead for the reasons described here. Some people have asked how fits with Glean. We’ve also had some people ask about ASP and Quotopia no longer being in purpose The purpose behind is the same as always : to give you tools that get you…
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Quant Trading Show Conference in NYC on Oct 8th 2014

Quant Trading Show Conference in NYC on Oct 8th 2014 Our Founder and President Josh Franta will be speaking at the Trading Show in NYC. This conference focuses on quant trading and big data in trading. Our round table starts at 11:15am and covers the systematic trading of equities, options and futures. Other round-table participants include…
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Pracplay in Wiley Algo Book

Pracplay in Wiley Algo Book PhD, author and quant Ernie Chan recommends Pracplay in his book “Algorithmic Trading — Winning Strategies and Their Rationale” : Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale Try Glean to Discover Why:

I’m a Quant, should I use Glean?

I’m a Quant, should I use Glean? The answer is yes, Glean has specific benefits for even the most skilled quants. You save time and stress by letting Glean manage all your signal interpretation across portfolio-realistic simulations and live trading for 15+ different brokers. Here is how Glean works with popular analytics platforms : Ctrl+H us in…
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Finding the correct IB symbol

Finding the correct IB symbol lots of people have trouble with IB symbol definitions because it’s a bit tricky. the IB tws setup guide is your best bet : Tips lookup the contract in tws quote window first to make sure you know how to find it then right click on the quote and choose contract…
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