Pracplay Internships v1.0

Pracplay Internships v1.0 Pracplay is happy to announce our 1st internships, with Washington University. Our interns had an average GPA of 3.98 in the graduate program in quantitative finance. They’ve helped us advance an internal research project. We’ll do a second internship iteration, see our website to stay up-to-date. Take Fun. Make Value.

About Glean 5

About Glean 5 Glean 4 is now closed to new users. Since 2006 we’ve kept you informed of changes in our business and products, particularly when it affects your money or daily trading. In this spirit Pracplay is announcing that- effective immediately- Glean registrations are closed to new users. Existing users and clients can continue using Glean…
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Proposed Algo Registration Rule

Proposed Algo Registration Rule This should be relevant to registered traders using Glean and potentially some trading firms. Proposed new rule affects Algorithmic Traders at Member firms. FINRA has proposed a new SEC rule requiring registration of those running or supervising algorithmic trading strategies. Traders supervising or primarily responsible for the development of algorithmic trading strategies…
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Glean Release Channels Explained

Glean Release Channels Explained Glean release channels : Featured — most tested, least updated, recommended for new users. EDGE — stable with regular updates, recommended for most users. To choose a specific release or see change notes, click the desired channel.

Glean4 User? Copy Your Design Key

Glean4 User? Copy Your Design Key If you’re trading on your firm’s computer, this is especially important. If you were not already aware, Pracplay has no ability to see inside your strategies. We give every machine you install Glean on a unique private design key. This key prevents third parties from seeing your strategies even if…
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