2016 Glean5 goes into service, now named G5 API.
2015 End of non-Glean offerings.
Glean hits 4,000 users.
2012 Glean released in upper-stack.
2011 Pracplay open ecosystem reaches 30,000+ users.
Commercial mid-stack grows to 20+ apps.
2009 4 Mid-stack commercial products launched
(AMP, Bridge, SpreadLord, TIFighter)
2008 Bottom-stack open-sourced as tradelink.org.
Added: FX, Futures, Options.
2007 Multi-level shared-code stack created for Pracplay, partners and clients.
2006 Prac-side business created with equities focus.
2005 Play-side research begins.
2003 Pracplay born from a CBOT floor conversation.