Summer of Glean 2013 Part 3 — Community 2.0

Summer of Glean 2013 Part 3 — Community 2.0

Summer of Glean 2013 Part 3 — Community 2.0

After reading part 2 in the SoG, we know Pracplay has contributed a large amount of code.

Pracplay also moderates these forums. Over time we’ve heard feedback and complaints about the google groups hosted forum system.

It’s definately true that the google groups forums have become outdated, and we’d like to see if an enhanced forum improves experiences for Glean and tradelink users.

As such we’ve launched a new and improved forum site :

The new site is faster and cleaner. It also and supports newer features like polls and marking posts as questions and allowing the questioner to choose the best answer. It gives us at Pracplay new moderation tools, and also allows us to add a logo to make it clear to new tradelink users that Pracplay is sponsoring our community. The new forums offer better tracking and badging for posters, so we can better differentiate who is contributing.

Another change is that for the time being the new forum has two areas, one for regular users and one for contributors (see Summer of Glean part 2 for contributor list). A regular user is someone who does not contribute to tradelink and instead uses Glean.

Over time we may add other categories, but to start we want to make it clear that for the time being the future growth of tradelink is coincident with increased Glean use. (See Summer of Glean part2 for our attempt to lessen the community’s dependence on Pracplay).

The existing/old forum will remain up, but is only available to post by tradelink contributors only. Soon the links will switch to the new forum.

Want to contribute to our community? One way is to ask and answer questions.

Also stay tuned for subsequent summer of glean updates on other ways to contribute.


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