Why Glean versus Tradestation?

Why Glean versus Tradestation?

Why Glean versus Tradestation?

Sometimes we get questions about what is Glean similiar to, or why it’s different…

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Quick Advice

Tradestation… if you are a professional trader and don’t know easy language, you’re in the right place so skip down to the Glean benefits.

If you’re an existing TS user and/or easy language programmer, you may not want to switch to Glean until you are already are a professional earning a living using that platform. If you fall into this category you should get pretty quickly why Glean is better than tradestation right away and even more so for longer term. This would apply to most tradestation retail platforms, because most of them try to copy tradestation in some way (eg Ninja, many others).

Glean vs Tradestation and Retail :

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