Welcome to a New Day

Welcome to a New Day

Welcome to a New Day

When you launch a new product, you have 0 users. This was true for tradelink in ‘08 and Glean in ‘12. Fast forward 4 years, 4 versions and 10k+ comments and the result is 4k+ folks getting their Glean on.

Unfortunately this post is less about Glean and more about the end of tradelink.org as a software project.

It’s a little sad as we’d hoped to grow a vibrant open ecosystem under Glean. We never expected confusion between Glean and tradelink. This announcement hopefully corrects misunderstandings. While tradelink software is no more, the mission is the same. We’re collaborating to improve our edges, increase our success and have more fun.

If you used the tradelink.org software in the past, we’d appreciate you giving Glean a chance. We thank those who have already.

Common Questions

Why are you doing this?

In 2007 a trade-linking and simulation platform was created by Pracplay on a trading floor in Miami Beach. Out of collaborations between other traders and firms, it grew to serve needs beyond Pracplay’s. Each effort shared infrastructure to minimize upfront costs and improve the result for those participating.

Pracplay has long benefited from open source so we wondered if sharing our infrastructure would get us more partners and give a little back to OSS. So in 2008 as an experiment we released a tradelink snapshot as LGPL. It grew quickly in popularity, going from 2 execution providers to more than 15 and reaching over 30,000 installs. Unfortunately our hope of more code contributions from the big audience didn’t really work. Contributing infrastructure wasn’t a priority, but unexpectedly the community did want more. So from 2008 to 2011 we sold and launched 20+ different compatible closed products that serviced various fragments. All had success, but the internal work necessary to accomplish all this felt like the real opportunity.

To test this, in 2012 as another experiment we consolidated our best inside stuff into into single product called Glean. If Glean worked the intent was to co-exist alongside tradelink and other closed products. In the 5 months after launch, Glean users built more than tradelink users had constructed in years. This was encouraging and as we incorporated feedback and Glean improved, we started to see less reason for the other products. In 2015 we decided to make it official. Glean retains the shared source benefits, but is faster, more flexible and with less upfront risk than anything else we’ve done.

This post is the final memorial to tradelink.org as an open source project, and to everything else that preceded Glean. Ask us about any of these and we’ll link you back here.

I already use Glean, what does this mean to me?

Nothing- This change does not impact you.

Will the tradelink.org source be deleted?

No. We’ll leave the old source up as a dead project, including mirrors. We don’t recommend it. If you ask us about it, we’ll link you back here.

What about the patch I contributed?

Since launch, Glean’s trading platform removed all LGPL patches. Even though your work is no longer used, in 2013 to say thank you we awarded automatic Glean discounts to patch submitters. These take effect automatically under the e-mail your patch was submitted. If you have questions, Ctrl+H us in Glean.